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Ares .NET

ARES.Net is a powerful business financial management tool that provides computerization of all financial and accounting activities of an organization. 

ARES.Net provides security and flexibility through the IT services covering the entire stream of activities within an organization (accounting, clients, suppliers, payments, collections, stocks, assets, payrolls, budgets, contracts, imports, human resources, reporting) and through a complex module of management reports.

Implementing the system within an organization brings benefits such as:

  • Electronic traceability of main components: suppliers, clients, stocks, contracts, budgets, departments, reporting;
  • Highlighting performances at departments, activities, projects, products, clients, divisions etc. level;
  • Increasing the efficiency of work within the organization by managing specific documents, enabling users to transfer information from one document to another, eliminating redundant data entry;
  • Possibility to implement client-specific document flow;
  • Management, control and streamline of budgeting and acquisitions;
  • Performance reporting to management, providing insight on the “financial health” of the organization;
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the organization;
  • Evaluating financial performance for the current month or for previous periods;
  • Powerful management tool for strategic and operational decision making;
  • Financial analysis tool;
  • Possibility to integrate with other information systems;
  • Possibility to import from external sources.