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DeepEye (Radiology Information System) is an efficient tool to process and archive images for the management of patients’ examinations and radiology images.

DeepEye has advanced functionalities of taking radiology images transmitted in DICOM format, of processing and managing them so that they can be easily found.

The benefits of this Radiology Information System (RIS) are:

  • replaces the classic radiology films with digital images, obtaining "live" images that can support many modifications;
  • reduces by over 70% the costs of using classic radiology films;
  • reduces the time of searching the individual files with radiology images;
  • the possibility to view the DICOM files on every computer connected to the network; 
  • the possibility of processing the images and radiology films;
  • improves the capacity of archiving the radiology information and reduces the storage capacity;
  • monitors of all patient radiology investigations done within the medical institution and generates the complete patient history.