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Hipocrate Clinic

Hipocrate Clinic is the information solution which integrates patients' and personnel's management with laboratory clinical investigation, functional exploration and radiology, programming management, so that the quality of services offered by the medical institution is vastly improved.

The benefits of Hipocrate Clinic are:

  • electronic patient’s history with radiological images and patient’s record and the possibility to visualise them from any cabinet;
  • patients scheduling for an even more emphasized transparency of medical flow and doctors' activity;
  • all necessary information regarding the allowance for consulting expenses;
  • the complete management over the contracts with other institutions;
  • automatic e-mailing of the analyses files;
  • automation in processing and transfer of data and images – telemedicine;
  • standard reporting to Health Insurance Houses (SIUI, National Programs, etc.) and DSP;
  • study of partners contribution (ex: doctors or sanitary institutions who send more patients);
  • cost efficiency by reducing sanitary materials, radiological films and bureaucratic processes expenses;
  • medical services management (service packages/costs/consumable);
  • management of medical labour contracts;
  • real time procurement and processing of all information generating the improvement of each link of information and the optimization of decisional processes;
  • the decrease of doctors bureaucratic activity in favour of the strictly professional one, by solving certain aspects, as the check out from hospital , medication register, automatic completing of standard types with system data, etc.;
  • improvement of the operability by connecting the medical equipment bidirectional. In this way, the lab employee doesn’t need to register the request. The identification of lab analyses is made by using bar codes labels.