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Hipocrate Nephro

Hipocrate Nephro is the performant information system that provides a complete and extremely useful database for hemodialysis centers management. The Solution was developed with “Dr. Carol Davila” Clinical Nephrology Hospital, the biggest hemodialysis center in southeastern Europe and is implemented in Romanian Renal Registry (RRR).

Benefits of using Hipocrate Nephro:

  • electronic medical history of the patient, with the possibility to attach radiography images to the electronic patient record and view them from any consulting room;
  • scheduling patients for a higher transparency of medical workflow and doctors’ activity; 
  • providing all necessary information to reduce costs for consultations;
  • management of contracts with both private or public institutions;
  • automatic e-mailing of laboratory tests result;
  • automating the processing and transfer of data and images – telemedicine;
  • bidirectional data reporting to National Health Insurance House and the Romanian Renal Registry, in compliance with the European reporting standards; 
  • optimized and efficient medical activity, leading to reduced costs of dialysis for each patient;
  • easy data register in accordance with WHO standards;
  • allows intra / interdepartmental communication within the medical unit;
  • allows monitoring of quality standards in dialysis treatment and its consequent optimization;
  • fast editing of medical reports;
  • shortens the time designated to prescribe the daily medication;
  • allows statistic correlations among risk factors, renal disease, comorbidities, clinical-biological status, dialysis parameters, medication administered and patients’ evolution.   
  • accountancy record and optimization of renal replacement therapy costs.