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MEDAS - Instruirea medicilor si a asistentelor medicale din spitale in management si utilizarea noilor tehnologii, 2010-2012


POSDRU/ Ax number 3 – Increase de adaptabilities of works and enterprises / Major Domain of Intervention 3.2 Formation and support for enterprise and employees for promoting the adaptability

Challanges and objectives

General objectives

  •  Supplying training services for doctors and medical personal in order to increase the Medical Act through the technologies;
  •  Increase the medical system performance by improving the accessibility, efficiency and equity of the medical services offered to the people;
  •  Improve the management of the hospitals and medical institutions to order to modernize the medical services;
  •  Support in the implementation of information technology and communication in health system by offering eHealth services.

Specific Objectives

  • Improving medical performances for a group of 240 top management people from districts hospitals, city hospitals from the 4 development regions covered by the project, through specific training in the following areas: strategic organizational management, the health institutions management, human resources management, financial management and public acquisition management;
  • Improving the communication knowledge and IT using for 640 employees from management and operational personal from targeted hospitals though specific trainings in areas like: computer operation, internet and electronic communication, IT systems for the hospital management, public relation, communication management and English language;
  • The creation, on partnership bases, of an ¨Observator¨ for the human resources training in the health system, covering initially the 4 regions and later to be extend on a national level as well as its ISO 9000 certification.

The project objectives were defined starting with the general and specific objectives for POSDRU 2007-2013 and of the priority ax 3.2. The project had responded to those, by developing 2 training programs that targeted 800 people from the hospital management and operational personal, offering those the possibility of improving their management competences, communication and IT knowledge, allowing them a better adaptability of the requirement from the European medical system.


A1. The management and coordination of the project. The activity was coordinated by the main applyer and was supported by the all partners from the project.

A2. Acquisition, according with the legislation. This activity was performed only by the main applicant.

A3. Study about the needs of training and human resources organization from health institutions.

The activity was coordinated by the main applier, with the support of the Romanian partners and also from the international partner as well, which may possible the comparison of the Romanian status with the specific European benchmarks.

A4. Top management personal training from health institutions (240 top manager from 12 districts from 4 development regions). This activity was developed by the main applicant with the help of Romanian partners in the selection of the participants and courses organization.

A5.  Operational personal training from health management (640 doctors and nurses from 12 districts, from 4 development regions). This activity was developed by the main applicant with the help of Romanian partners in the selection of the participants and courses organization.

A6. Organizing international work visits in order to learn good practices in human resources management from the health management system. The activity was developed mainly by international partner who took care of the logistics for these visits, with the help of the prime applicant and of the other partners as well.

  A7. ISO 9000 certification of the ¨Observator¨ structure related with the human resources training from the health system. This activity is coordinated by the main applicant and is supported by all the projects partners.

  A8. Information, advertising and sending the results. This responsibility rests with all the members of the partnership under the coordination pf the main partner and being compliance with all the visual identity elements of POSDRU.

  A9. The project audit:-prepare the annual audit report by an external auditor; - release the audit certificate. The main applier is taking into consideration all the conclusions of the rapport.


The results of the project are based on achieving the specific objectives.

These are supporting further on the general objective through increase in the quality of the medical act, increase the performance from the medical system, improving the health institutions management by supporting the ITC penetration in the health system.

The results of the project are generated at each activity level.

Other results are: dedicated webpage for the project and an e-Learning platform for the people trained though this project.