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Further support for updating information in SMIS-CSNR


The Government of Romania – Ministry of European Affairs through the Authority for Coordination of Structural Instruments (ACSI)

Challanges and objectives

Overall objective

The overall objective of the project was to provide specialized support for correct functioning of the Single Management Information System – National Strategic Reference Framework (SMIS-CSNR), in order for this to provide updated reports much needed by the institutions using the system. 

Specific objective

Introducing in SMIS-CSNR of up to date information regarding projects, reimbursement requests, progress reports etc. submitted in the framework of sectoral operational programmes financed by structural instruments, according to the requirements of the institutions using the system (OI PSI, AM POSCCE, AM POSDRU, CNDIPT, MEN, OI Turism, ANCS), in order to comply with European Commission’s regulations.  


SMIS is the centralized information system developed by the Authority for Coordination of Structural Instruments in collaboration with all beneficiary structures, in order to ensure data input regarding implementation, much needed for improved financial management, monitoring, inspection, audit and programmes evaluation, according to art. 60 let. (c)  of Council Regulation no. 1083/2006.

The specific activities consisted in introducing in SMIS – CSNR the data referring to projects submitted within the framework of operational programs financed by structural instruments, according to European Commission’s requirements. 

Highly trained teams were built in order to carry out the project, in accordance with the activities performed under the contract, coordinated by designated experts. The tasks were performed at the beneficiary institutions’ headquarters (OI PSI, AM POSCCE, AM POSDRU, CNDIPT, MEN, OI Turism, ANCS), according to requests. Information was entered according to the involved institutions’ specifications, respecting high professional and confidentiality standards, within the given deadline. Moreover, performing activities and reaching results at a high level of expertise was only possible by the means of a rigorous financial and administrative management.

Among key contributors for ensuring the objectives undertaken in the contract and meeting the Beneficiary’s expected results, we name but a few:

  • Optimal planning of activities in order to efficiently manage the necessary resources for data entry;
  • Careful evaluation and selection of the personnel involved in the process of entering data;
  • Thorough training of the personnel involved in the project based on the technical documentation provided by the Beneficiary, so as to ensure qualified personnel for the data introducing and supervising activity;
  • Effective management and monitoring of activities by coordinating experts, so that data sets were introduced within the established deadline and quality standards;
  • The determination and application of sets of rules required to verify and validate the data entered;
  • Periodic reporting (monthly) towards the Beneficiary.
  • Good cooperation between Romanian Soft Company and the management authorities for Sectoral Operational Programmes’ personnel (OI PSI, AM POSCCE, AM POSDRU, CNDIPT, MEN, OI Turism, ANCS), because the system needed to update information on the status of EU funds implemented through structural instruments;
  • Within the contract were introduced a total number of 5262 reimbursement requests, 268 inspection reports, 4842 grant applications (projects in various stages of evaluation, contracted projects), 349 inspection minutes, 447 addendums, 316 quarterly reports and 9650 payment orders;
  • The results obtained within this contract generated other similar agreements with the Ministry for Information Society – Intermediate Body for Promotion of Information Society and the Ministry of European Funds – Management Authority for Sectoral Operational Programme "Increase of Economic Competitiveness".