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The Company

Founded in 2000 our Company is dedicated to develop and integrate IT&C solutions perfectly adapted to clients' needs. So shortly we developed advanced software solutions, integrated according to clients' requirements.

 Our success on Romanian IT market is due to several attributes:

  • The complex experience of over 16 years in software solutions development and IT services;
  • Understanding the real needs of our business partners and offering the best IT solutions adapted to those needs;
  • Technical expertise of our specialists;
  • Strategic partnerships with national and international companies;
  • Innovative thinking in solving requirements and making decisions;
  • Results oriented.

Currently, we are a team of over 90 specialists. We create integrated IT solutions and services adapted for industries such as: health, public sector, industry, telecommunication, etc

Gaining a wide experience in developing software solutions and IT services on the local market, our interest extended on Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Slovakia in order to replicate the success achieved in Romania. At this point we are proud of projects implemented in these countries that certify once again the expertise of our specialists.


Development and implementation of innovative and quality IT&C solutions and services in order to generate performance.


  • Synergy
    Committed to excellence, we constantly act as a whole with our partners and clients, thus maximizing the results and achieving succes of the systems and solutions we create.
  • Innovation
    Innovation is one of our success factor. We focus to anticipate the future needs of our clients, both in a technical and functional perspective and we carefully cultivate creative ideas based on our specialists' expertise.
  • Team spirit
    Team spirit came as a result of the dedication and passion of our team members. Even from the beginning we invested in the talent and quality of our team members.
  • Performance
    Our clients' and partners' performance brought by our solutions and services is the key factor for our performance both as a company and team.