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Termeni si conditii

The webpage is a SC ROMANIAN SOFT COMPANY SRL property further called as ¨RSC¨ with the headquarters in Prisaca Dornei Street No. 2E, District No. 3, Bucharest, registered with the Trade Register No. J40/11488/13.12.2000, tax code RO13591111. This document is establishing the terms and conditions in which you can used the webpage

The access and use of is made under the authority of these rules, terms and conditions specified below. The use of the webpage, login and access of services determines the acceptance of these terms and conditions in the same time, with all the consequences that comes with this acceptance.


The purpose allowed for using this webpage is to obtain information like [……………………………]. Any other use of this webpage in other scope is not allowed.

RSC takes responsibility for the security of this webpage and your communication link with it.

Through the term of ¨user¨ of this webpage we can understand any individual and juridical entity that will access this webpage.


RSC offers free access to and is authorizing you to see, print and transmit the existing information from this site, only for your personal and noncommercial purposes.

The right for copyright for the existing information is held by RSC or its partners. No material from this webpage can`t be partially or totally reproduced, modified without the previous permission, in writing of RSC or its partners.

The content of this webpage, the texts, graphics, photos, software, logos and any other materials from this webpage are protected by copyright and are RSC or its client property.

It is prohibited links creations of this webpage with other webpages or vice versa, without a previous permission in writing. In case, this thing is happening without RSC explicit agreement, RSC doesn`t take responsibility for the affiliated websites that it might be connected, for the material posted on this website by other persons that the authorized ones and it reserves its right to request the punishment according to the law in force for this type of action, that doesn`t have its previous agreement.

RSC or third party can provide authorized, through the website, ¨links¨ towards others pages or World Wide Web resources. RSC doesn`t guarantees and can`t be made responsible in any way for the availability, form, content, publicity, products and materials available on those webpages. RSC won`t be responsible or  liable to pay damages, direct or indirect, for any damage or loss caused by the use of information, content, goods or services provided by those webpages.

The reproduction, copying, multiplication, selling, reselling or exploiting of a part of services, access or using the services and information provided by RSC though the webpage in a way that violates the Romanians and international law concerning the copyright or intellectual property, determines the civil and penal responsibility of these actions.

RSC have the right to stop by any means the connection and use of the webpage and to request the punishment according to the law in force of the persons involved, if there is a prove that the purpose is the destruction and alteration of the website, its content or its security or the attempt to attack or discredit RSC or its partners, products, services or their employees.

 Any possible litigation concerning this website is common law jurisdiction Romanian bodies.


Not allowed 

- Copying, multiplication, distribution, archiving or storage by any means including electronically, magnetically or computerized, of materials and information from this website;

- The attempt to interfere, by any means, in the content of this website, to delete or modify by any means the materials and public information or to attempt to action in this purpose;

- The attempt to scan, probe or test the vulnerability of any system from the RSC network or the RSC network or the access of any server or services from the RSC network, that are not public, without authorization ;

- The attempt to intervene in the hosting servers’ functionality or in the RSC network by any means, including attacking them through ¨flooding¨ or ¨DOS¨.

- The use of any email address posted through this website for its distribution in mailing lists or for sending commercial emails (spamming) or any other purpose besides justified personal emails, without the written approval of the owners ` addresses.

The violation of any of these rules determines civil or penal responsibility. RSC will investigate the facts that r


RSC has the right to modify or to interrupt, temporary or permanent, partial or total, the services provide through this webpage, with or without a previous notification.

RSC is not liable to any user, any third person or juridical institution for the modification, stopping or interruption the services available through this website.

RSC can change at any moment the content and the usability condition of this website. The new conditions become valid from the moment they were made public by post on this website and are not retroactive.


By using this website, you declare expressly and implicitly that you agree with the following:

- using the site on your own responsibility, RSC is relieved expressly of all such responsibility, directly or indirectly expressed, including, but not limited to indirect selling warranties according to the specification of this purpose.

RSC is not offering any warranty that:

- The information will fulfill all your requests;

- The services will not be interrupted, on time, secure and without errors;

- The results obtained by using the information from the webpage will be correct or reliable;

- The quality of any products, services, information or other materials bought or obtained through this webpage, will fulfill all the requirements;

- Any program error will be corrected.

The user is the only responsible person by possible destructions caused by the systems and the access network of this website or any other data loss, which could be the result of downloading the information and services from the website content.

Any advice or other information, oral or writer, obtained from the RSC site or through its services, doesn`t represent a warranty if it is not stipulated in ¨Terms and conditions¨.


RSC is not responsible for any damage, direct, indirect, accidentals, specials, but not limited to damages and losses of profit, goodwill, possibility of using data or other intangible or not measurable losses  (even RSC had been informed about the possibility that such loss occur), resulting from:

- The use or the impossibility of use of the information from the site;

- The cost of procurement of complementary goods and services, resulting from any goods, data, information or services acquired or obtained, messages received, transaction started through/from RSC website;

- Unauthorized access to, or transmission deterioration or user data;

- Declaration or actions of any other third person on services of the website;

- Any other problem related to the website services.

If it is considered that any material provided by the website, posted by RSC, by a third person or by users, violate the copyright or any other rights it is necessary to notify this situation to [………………]

For the parts of the website that includes readers’ opinions, the responsibility for such opinion is completely to the owners of such opinion. RSC has the right of not making public this opinions that are against the terms and conditions or those opinion considered damaging, at any form, to its own image, partners or third party.

This website is offered in this form without any warranties. RSC is not and cannot be made responsible for any mismatches, unavailability or flows of this website and its content.